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Performance has limits;

Our aim is to go beyond them with you.


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The winning formula for every great equestrian is to have even greater horses. At Kheiron, we understand horsemen and the value of sports.

For this reason, we create solutions for breeding programs that give the power to improve performance by preserving and replicating the most valuable equine athletes. We provide our customers with the most precise reproductive technologies o drive performance limits further that ever imagined.


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Cloning technology is a reproductive process that provides a means of producing foals that are a genetic match to top-performing equine athletes. It is the most precise reproductive process ever developed.

Among others, cloning will give you the possibility to:

Narrow the nature versus nurture equation by already knowing the exact genetic make-up of the resulting foal.

Speed up the embryo production of your top broodmares by cloning your selected best mares.

Produce a stallion that is a genetic twin to an exceptional gelding who otherwise never would have passed along his superior genetic.


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Stem Cells treatment is a cutting edge technology, which is becoming available for certain conditions in horses. Adult stem cell therapy is used to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis in horses as well as tendon and ligament injuries and fractures with have not responded to conventional therapies.

Adult stem cell therapy has the ability to drastically change the quality of your horse’s life for the better. Fractures heal more quickly when treated with adult stem cells. Animals with chronic arthritic changes in the joints have experienced dramatic improvement with adult stem cell therapy and those with tendon and ligament injuries have improved as well.

gene banking

Services Overview

By gene banking your bloodline stock, you protect your option to utilize the same genetics in the future. Insure your investment in your horses in the case of injury, disease or death by gene banking them today.

Simply call Kheiron and we will send our vets to your farm or stables.

These cells are cryogenically frozen and can be stored indefinitely to be used for cloning, gene mapping and stem cell therapies.


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